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Lifter on car - you need to know

lifters in a car - is a tool to lift the vehicle as a whole - When compared to a jack, a car lift lifts the vehicle as a whole - While the jack only lifts certain parts.

Lifter on car - you need to know

Lifting the car with a car lift will give the mechanic in the repair shop greater flexibility to move freely under the vehicle when repairing damage. This is because almost all components under the vehicle can be removed and moved easily. In addition, mechanics can get up and walk under the vehicle making repairs easier to do and saving repair time making repairs faster.

Car lifts are generally only used by large repair shops - Considering the price is quite expensive, then a large workshop area is also needed.

Car lifts currently available are only for passenger vehicles (Sedan, SUV, MPV and the like) with a maximum weight of 2000 Kg (2 tons). Meanwhile, car lifts for heavier vehicles, such as trucks, are not yet available.

Car Lift Drive Types - When viewed from the driving medium, car lifts are divided into several types, namely;

  • Mechanical Drive (Threaded Shaft)
  • Hydraulic Drive (Oil fluid)
  • Pneumatic Drive (Air)

Car Lift Type - Single Post Car Lift Type

Single post car lift is a vehicle lift that only uses one pole (leg). In single post type car lifts, there are four support arms located at the end of the car lift and can be adjusted in such a way as to the length and direction of the arms. This aims to set the fulcrum on the car so that the car can be lifted safely.

This type of car lift is widely used in vehicle washing companies (doorsmeer), this is because its function is only to lift the vehicle so that the bottom can be reached for cleaning.

However, this type of single post car lift is not recommended for engine or chassis repairs. Why ? Because the number of supports is only one, the shock resistance factor is very small and dangerous for the mechanics working under it. Even if you have to be forced to work under this type of car lift, you have to be extra careful not to shake the vehicle too much.

Type Two Post Car Lift – Two post car lift is a vehicle lifting device that has two poles (legs). The two-post car lift also has a vehicle support base that can be adjusted to fit the vehicle body or frame.

This two post type car lift is suitable for engine and chassis repairs such as brake service, suspension, ball joint replacement, periodic service and others. For the operation of this type of car lift, it is almost the same as the single post type, such as a support that can be adjusted in short length to make it easier to reach the pedestal on the car chassis.

But it needs special attention when positioning the car so that it is balanced. When placing the car, try to be in the center position and all the supports are the same length.

Four Post Car Lift – Four Post Car Lift is a vehicle lifting device that has four poles (legs). When compared to other types of car lifts, the four post type has the best level of safety because the car is actually on a pedestal connected between two poles.

Having all four car wheels on each car lift makes the car tread well. So this type is considered more resistant to large shocks. Therefore, this type is used to improve wheel alignment (spooring) which is indeed under repair often occurs when the car is tuned.

However, this four-pole car lift is considered less suitable for chassis repairs such as brakes, suspension, ball joints and others. Because on this type of repair, the position of the car's wheels must depend. While in this type of car lift, the wheels of the car actually become the focus.

Scissor Car Lift Type - Scissor car lift is a car lifting device that works like a scissor mechanism. The advantage of this type of car lift is that it is portable when not in operation.

In a completely dead condition, the car lift scissors will enter the hole in the floor so that the floor condition becomes more even and does not interfere with traffic on it.

How to use a car lift safely - The forms of construction of a mechanically or hydraulically driven car lift are almost indistinguishable, including how they are used are almost the same. So if you can use a mechanical drive car lift, you will automatically be able to use a hydraulic drive.