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How to fix oil on spark plugs

How to Overcome Oil on Spark Plugs - In this case the normal color of the spark plug is a little brown, this color indicates that the combustion in the engine is taking place perfectly. However, if you find spark plugs that are black and even have oil seepage then it can be categorized as a problem. So what causes oil to enter the spark plug? see more below.

How to fix oil on spark plugs

Engine oil is located in the engine, its function is to lubricate all parts of the engine that rub against each other. It's just that oil should not enter the combustion chamber let alone wet the spark plug, because this can have a negative impact on engine combustion.

Except for motors with 2 stroke engines, it's normal for oil to enter the combustion chamber "it's because of the side oil lubrication system". But what we will discuss here is a 4 stroke car spark plug, if there is oil that rises to the spark plug, then it can indicate some serious problems such as piston ring wear or engine valve seal damage. The result can be fatal, the engine can emit white smoke and reduce its power.

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As a result of Oil Rising To Engine - The effects of rising oil to the engine are as follows:

The first effect can be felt from the oil itself, when the oil burns in the combustion chamber. In the near future the volume of oil will decrease, if we do not check the oil then the engine will work in conditions that are not full of oil.

As a result, there is no oil that coats the friction components so that friction will occur and cause injury to the "friction" surface, for example on the piston if there is a scratch on the cylinder liner then the movement of the piston will be hampered.

Engine Staggered - Oil rising to the spark plug can cause a buildup on the spark plug electrodes. this can be so thick that it interferes with spark plug ignition - This will make the flame out of the spark plug smaller and engine performance feel sluggish.

Spark Plugs Easily Dead - The results of problematic combustion also affect the spark plug, when there is oil that continues to rise to the spark plug it can affect the condition of the spark plug itself. So that the longest life of the spark plug only lasts one week.

Of the three consequences above, of course, we do not want our favorite motorcycle to experience such an incident, in addition to consuming a lot of time and energy, we are also wasted in repairing the car. For that as much as possible at least take precautions.

But what if it has already been done? what if your spark plug is covered in oil and scale every time you open it??

Causes of Oil Entry in Spark Plugs - Oil can enter the spark plug for several reasons as follows:

Leaky Or Damaged Valve Seal - The oil in the engine not only lubricates the crank, but engine oil is also supplied to the cylinder head to lubricate the valve mechanism.

On the valve there is a rubber seal which is useful to prevent oil from the cylinder head from entering the manifold, because the manifold is directly connected to the combustion chamber so that when a leak occurs in this seal, oil enters the combustion chamber area. In the combustion chamber, oil will cover the entire surface of the combustion chamber including the spark plug, and when the spark plug is ignited, the remaining combustion can be in the form of white smoke and black scale.

Piston Ring Wear - The next condition that also has the potential to make oil rise to the combustion chamber is due to piston ring wear. On a piston there are at least three piston rings whose function is to close the gap between the piston and the cylinder so that the compression pressure can be maximized and the oil is also safe.

We know that in order for the engine to spin fast, the piston must move freely without resistance. So that the piston diameter is made smaller than the diameter with a gap of more than 2 mm, for that even though the piston ring is small it has an important task.

If the piston rings continue to be scratched, it can cause wear. When the piston ring is missing, the gap in the piston ring will widen so that compression pressure can leak and oil can enter the combustion chamber. On an engine with a sleeping position, this is more risky because the position is very easy to push the engine into the piston chamber.

In addition to the piston rings, the cylinder walls can also wear out. This happens when the ring material is stronger than the engine block. The process is the same, namely when the engine block wears out, the diameter gets wider so that the compression pressure drops and the oil can enter easily. For these two causes, there are usually other symptoms that follow, namely the engine is difficult to start and the motor power drops.

Leaky / Damaged Gasket - Engine gaskets have several functions other than to prevent leakage, gaskets also function to prevent oil from leaking out - The oil path from the block to the cylinder head must be sealed like a gasket so that when the oil circulates, oil does not flow into the combustion chamber.

When the gasket is damaged, oil can flow into the damaged area and into the combustion chamber, so the potential is in the oil-covered spark plug.

So how to deal with oil that rises to the spark plug?

From some of the causes above, oil entering the combustion chamber becomes a serious problem for the engine - The best way to solve it is to replace the damaged component - The first step is to detect which component is damaged.

To detect it certainly can not be done by hand - need some special tools to detect damage - Generally when oil enters the combustion chamber, the engine compression pressure drops.

If there is damage to the gasket there is usually oil seepage in the packing between the engine block and the cylinder head - It's just that you need to launch the cylinder head to replace the gasket.

There is a risk if you don't make repairs immediately - The life of the spark plug only lasts 1 week, so in one month the spark plug can be replaced 4 times - If you immediately contact the root cause, even though it is expensive, it can last up to 5 years.

Thus the discussion on How to Overcome Oil Rising To Spark Plugs may be useful for all of you, thank you for visiting.