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How to Organize a Grocery Store to Be More Modern

Grocery store setup is an important thing that sometimes escapes the main focus.

Lack of attention to the arrangement also affects the convenience of consumers when shopping at the grocery store. As a result, even grocery stores are increasingly abandoned by consumers and are willing to "abdicate".

Indeed, this is not without reason, because many grocery stores do not pay attention to the aspect of store arrangement. Not to mention the presence of minimarket franchises with large capital which makes grocery stores increasingly become the second choice.

For those of you, grocery store entrepreneurs, you really don't need to be afraid or feel threatened by the presence of these big players.

Because, there are still things to do to improve and enhance the image of your business. One of them is to improve the arrangement of your store, so that consumers feel more comfortable when shopping.

Arrangement ideas that you can apply to make your grocery store look more modern, neat, and clean.

1. The use of large and wide shelves

There are several ways to organize a grocery store that you can apply. One that is quite effective is to implement it by installing shelves to put merchandise.

You can arrange merchandise horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs. However, the most important thing is the type of rack used.

You can use open shelves to make your merchandise more visible to consumers. This open shelf is not only good for consumer convenience but also good for attracting their interest to buy.

This tactic is also often used by franchise supermarkets, namely placing some items at the checkout to take advantage of the impulsive behavior of shoppers.

2. Arrange goods based on consumer needs

Surely you have shopped at a supermarket or minimarket. Do you know what makes shopping at this place so convenient?

In addition to more complete facilities, it also makes it easier for consumers to find the goods they are looking for. All items are grouped by type and easy to reach.

You should replicate this method for your grocery store. Arrange the items consumers are looking for most frequently on shelves at eye level.

Then, put the items of daily necessities in front. Thus, it will be easier for consumers to get what they need.

These daily necessities include snacks, cleaning products, soft drinks, or cleaning equipment. If you look at the shopping patterns of consumers who visit grocery stores, this arrangement feels more efficient.

In addition, don't forget to put various snacks or other cheap snacks near the cashier counter. If you pay attention to the often impulsive behavior of shoppers, this tactic is also quite effective at increasing your profits.

It's just that the arrangement must be considered again. It is better not to display this light snack by hanging or storing it in a jar because it is quite disturbing the view.

We recommend that these snacks be placed on the shelf so that the cashier table feels spacious, clean, and neat.

3. Discipline in keeping the shop clean

One of the things that can keep customers coming back to your store is cleanliness. This aspect often makes franchised minimarkets and large supermarkets superior in the eyes of consumers.

In addition, a clean store is also more effective in increasing consumer confidence. For that, always position yourself as a consumer. If you yourself are not comfortable shopping in stores, especially consumers.

This cleanliness includes the cleanliness of merchandise, storefronts, shelves, and floors. With maintained cleanliness, consumers' shopping experience will improve.

Take time each week to clean the dust that has stuck to your merchandise. Do not forget to pay attention to the cobwebs that are often stuck in the corner of the room.

In maintaining the cleanliness of the store, you can start with a good arrangement. Do not let the merchandise pile up according to the original, because the cleaning process will be more difficult. 

That way, there will be no more consumers complaining about your dirty and dusty merchandise.

4. Use a color that is comfortable on the eyes

Apart from being neat in layout, the colors you use also support the convenience of shopping for consumers.

This color selection is most important when you're just starting out in a business, but if you've already done that, that's fine.