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How to Clean Rabbit Cage Regularly

Rabbits are cute animals that are actually relatively clean. Rabbits are the same as cats who can clean themselves by taking care of themselves. However, like other animals, rabbits cannot clean the cage they live in.

This is what we must pay attention to to clean the rabbit cage regularly and routinely. The cleanliness of the cage is also a reflection that the rabbits we keep are also healthy.

Well, cleaning the rabbit cage also has tips and rules that apply. Cleaning the rabbit cage can not be careless.

This is to give the rabbit the comfort of living in a clean and comfortable place to live. What are the steps for cleaning the rabbit cage?

How to clean a rabbit's cage so it doesn't smell

Honestly no one likes to clean our own pet rabbit cage, because it will definitely bother us and we will get a bad smell. Well, cleaning the rabbit cage actually has no definite rules when it should be cleaned immediately.

In general, this is usually only done once a week, but if your pet rabbit is not trained to clean and the cage size is too small, maybe cleaning the rabbit cage should be done every day.

Daily Rabbit Cage Cleaning

Do this activity so that the rabbit's cage looks clean and smells good every day. Here are the steps to clean the rabbit cage that can be done every day.

First of all, you should remove the rabbit from the cage first to make cleaning the cage easier.

Second, get rid of fresh food that is not eaten every day. This is to avoid stale rabbit food when consumed. You can do this at least twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Wash and refill the rabbit's water bottle. Brush the bottle thoroughly before placing it in the rabbit cage again.

Clean up small stains such as water spills or urine clumps that are outside the litter box you provided. We recommend replacing this area with dry grass or other bedding.

Clean the litter box and replace it with enough new sand to keep the rabbit's cage comfortable and clean.

Weekly Rabbit Cage Cleaning

In addition to cleaning every day, you also need to clean the rabbit's cage every week. There are many things you can clean, of course, you can do once a week.

Remove all accessories and toys from the rabbit cage.

Wash and scrub food containers with animal-friendly soap. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly so that there is no soap residue in the container.

Remove and wash all bedding from the rabbit cage. Replace the bunny bed with a clean cloth or pad.

Clean the cage with hot water and use vinegar to remove stubborn pee marks.

If you have a smaller cage, you can take it apart and rinse it with water or a hose until it's clean.

It's a good idea to disinfect the rabbit's cage once a week to remove any bacteria that are still attached to the cage. After that, don't forget to clean the cage that has been disinfected with clean water.