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Tips for Sweeping Correctly, Fast and Effectively

Sweeping means making the rooms you live in, even buildings, and factories cleaner and of course free from disease. Diseases such as sneezing, or coughing caused by dust, and many other diseases can be present due to a dirty environment or room.

In a factory environment with high operations, cleanliness is usually neglected, resulting in a dirty, dusty work environment and even a lot of garbage such as torn cardboard and so on. To clean the floor, of course, an effective and fast way is needed, especially in a crowded environment. This aims to minimize the remaining dirt and dust scattered.

So, is there a technique or method of sweeping that is fast and correct? Turns out there is, lol. Curious? Please see the review below:

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First, the broom you use must be a good broom. This is absolute, because a bad or damaged broom if you continue to use it will make your floor even more dirty. It would be very good if you use a broom with natural friendly materials, especially for sweeping outdoors. Brooms made of bamboo, for example, could be the right choice for you.

Bamboo brooms are also more durable than stick brooms. This broom will certainly be very suitable for sweeping carpets, outdoors and places where there is a lot of dust. Whereas on ordinary floors such as ceramic, granite, marble and the like, broom sticks will not be suitable for use on this floor. For example, you can use a broom made of plastic or palm fiber.

Second, to start sweeping, you should not sweep irregularly. You can start with the rooms first, then collect them and help with a shovel to make things easier. Don't miss every corner of the room, if it feels 100 percent clean, then move to another room. Remember, the room must also be arranged, such as from the back to the front of the room. Or vice versa. Sweeping irregularly will make your room or house not perfectly clean, it will also make you tired quickly. A shovel that can be used is a small shovel, if the dust is swept away, and use a large shovel if there is a lot of garbage that needs to be removed.

Third, try to sweep twice a day in the morning and evening. If you don't have time, then at least a sweep in the afternoon would be highly recommended. Sweeping at night, due to poor lighting, makes the floor less visible dirt. As a result, a lot of dirt will be left behind.

Fourth, to keep the floor clean and shiny throughout the day, you should continue to mop the floor after sweeping. Remember, don't turn it over, just sweep it first, okay?

Fifth, sweeping movement forward or forward. Don't go back and forth, go back and forth. Back and forth irregularly even make the garbage or dust that is swept away even more flying and scattered.

Sixth, if the dust in your house has accumulated too much, avoid sweeping first. You can try using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum. After that, you can perfect it by sweeping. So, the remaining dust that has not been sucked in can be cleaned. In the next article, we will discuss how to choose a good vacuum cleaner, which can be done thoroughly.

Seventh, also use face and mouth protection. You can use a mask, before starting to sweep. This is to avoid if you are allergic to dust, so you can avoid sneezing, or other diseases caused by dust.

Eighth, of course you can choose the best broom for each of your environmental cleaning needs. No need to be afraid of higher prices, guaranteed quality and materials. Instead of buying a cheap broom but it's only been used a few times, it's broken, right? It is better to use a broom that is slightly more expensive, but more durable. Of course you will save a lot, otherwise buy a broom that is cheap, but easily damaged. Remember, there is a price and there is quality.