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Sweet Coconut Milk Mixed Ice Drink Recipe

You can get seaweed ice at street vendors, or specialty ice shops and street vendors.

The specialty of this ice is that besides the delicious and fresh taste, the ice mixed with seaweed is also healthy. This is none other than the content of healthy seaweed and additional fruits that are rich in antioxidants and fiber.

To get a healthy and delicious freshness, you don't need to spend a lot because the price of mixed ice is relatively cheap. Curious how to make this sweet coconut milk seaweed ice? Here we present the recipe and how to make this refreshing coconut milk seaweed ice.

Material :

50 gr candied green seaweed

50 gr candied kolang kaling

50 gr jelly

50 gr nata de coco

50 grams melon (chopped)

50 g apple (chopped)

50 g young coconut (grated)

cocopandan syrup to taste

100 ml thick coconut milk (boiled)

white sweetened condensed milk to taste

enough shaved ice

How to make :

Prepare a container to mix all the ingredients

Put the fruit pieces into the prepared glass

Then add kolang kaling, candied seaweed, nata de coco and jelly

Put shaved ice on it, pour cocopandan syrup, boiled coconut milk and kucuri with sweetened condensed milk to taste

Ice mixed with seaweed is ready to be enjoyed

To be able to enjoy this fresh drink, you don't actually need to buy it outside the house because you can make it yourself with a better taste and guaranteed quality of hygiene and health. Well, good luck trying this sweet coconut milk ice drink recipe at home.