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How to Peel the Peanut Ari Skin

How to Peel Peanut Aris Skin can be said to be very easy to do but after a long time it must be boring. Indeed, we have to peel the thin membrane attached to the seeds one by one. But that was in the past, until now many have used a fast peanut peeler machine/tool. Even in one hour can process tens of kilos of peanuts.

For the skin is actually safe for consumption because it can have a good impact on the health of the body. In terms of bad taste, it is feared that it will damage the taste of food. So most housewives make the outer shell of the nut. And next, let's see Tips for Peeling Peanut Ari Skin

How to Peel Peanut Aris Skin:

Here are 2 ways that you can use to peel the skin of peanuts manually without a machine that can be done to separate the skin from the peanut seeds. In both you can practice with simple tools.

Before processing, we clean it first by soaking it in water for a while, if there are floating nuts, throw them away. So that the beans that float in the water bath are damaged, moreover they taste bitter and of poor quality.

1. Hot Water Soaking

This tip is widely used because in addition to making it easier to peel the epidermis, it can also soften peanuts. For the first step, prepare hot water and then pour it into a bowl of nuts. You have to make sure everything is submerged, let it sit for 3 hours first. If the skin membrane looks swollen then it is ready to be executed.

You can peel them off one by one but you have to make sure your hands don't wrinkle. If you want to do it faster, take a handful of nuts and put them in a mortar and pestle. Use the palm of your hand to knead the nuts until the skins peel off on their own.

2. Dry

For this one, it takes a long time for the water skin to dry completely until it is ready to be processed. On the other hand, the dry method is better than the soak method. Drying can be done in the sun. For drying, you can do it in the sun as well as in the oven.

After drying for a few days, the color of the epidermis will turn brownish red, so it is ready to be executed. Place the dried beans in a winnowing tray and then use the palm of your hand to knead the nuts until the shells come off. Then just blow, until the water clams fly. Unfortunately some seeds will run out and not whole anymore.

So, here's how to peel the epidermis which is tedious for you but you can also do at home.