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How to make seaweed milk ice

Seaweed Ice Recipe is delicious and easy to make. Here's a clear and easy-to-follow way to do it. prepare serving glasses, arrange and arrange seaweed, yellow jelly, red jelly, syrup, and shaved ice.

Ingredients for Making Seaweed Milk Ice

  • 100 grams of seaweed.
  • 100 grams of kolang kaling.
  • 100 gr nata de coco cut.
  • 1/4 melon.
  • 1/2 can of milk.
  • 3 tbsp coco pandan syrup.
  • Nata de coco water to taste.
  • Ice cubes as needed.

Steps to Cook Seaweed Milk Ice

Prepare, add melon, nata de coco, kolang kaling, and seaweed.

Add milk and syrup and nata de coco water, taste test.. If it's right, add ice cubes.. Ready to serve 😍.

Especially if combined with other materials properly. The result will be very delicious at once, a rainbow of sweetened condensed milk and fresh seaweed ice ready for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Seaweed ice is a fresh menu, a fresh and delicious drink with a taste that can make thirst fresh.

The sweet taste of iced seaweed is also able to make everyone addicted. This drink can be found easily in several places such as roadside.