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How to Clean Stains on Walls Easily

The walls or walls of the house are also interiors that beautify a room. When the walls are dirty, what do you think of? Surely you are also uncomfortable to see it when the walls as part of the house that always looks beautiful are littered with children. especially if exposed to stubborn stains and cleaned.

If the dirt that sticks to the walls of your walls is left alone. Gradually the stain will expand and be difficult to remove. Now to know how to clean the dirt on the walls. Let's see how to clean the stains on the following walls.

With Baking Soda / Baking Fowder Can Clean Stains On The Wall

When your walls / walls are stained, you can use baking soda / baking powder to clean them.

Simply mix baking soda with a damp cloth, then apply baking soda to the stained wall and rub gently until the stain is gone.

The thing to note when cleaning the wall using baking soda is not to be too hard when shaking the figure because this can make the wall fade.

Versatile Toothpaste Can Remove Dirt On Walls

Toothpaste which has many benefits apart from cleaning and caring for teeth, toothpaste can actually clean dirt from the walls. This is precisely the first step you should take when your favorite wall is stained. Simply apply toothpaste on the wall using a damp cloth and then let stand 1-2 minutes and rub the stain on the wall slowly. Then after that use another clean cloth to clean the dirt earlier.

Vinegar which has many benefits can clean dirt on the walls

This useful kitchen material can clean the dirt stuck to the walls. By dipping a toothbrush or cotton swab in vinegar and then applying it to the wall and gently brushing the stained area. After that, wipe it again with another clean cloth, and your walls will be clean and shiny again.

Using Mayonnaise Can Also Clean Dirt On The Walls

Who would have thought that mayonnaise is also effective for cleaning stains on the walls. You can use this mayonnaise, the method is quite easy, namely by applying mayonnaise on the wall then let it sit for a few minutes after that, flush and wipe using a clean cloth and you are done. Your walls will shine again as before.

Use Lemon Juice To Clean Dirt On The Walls

This fruit, which contains many benefits, has long been known as a fruit that can clean stains, including lifting dirt on the walls of the house, it can also be done, the method is also quite easy, namely by cutting a lime in half. then rub the two fruits on the wall and rub it on the wall. will be clean again. Lemon juice does not need to be cleaned because it can be used as a natural air freshener.